China's orphans

The needs in China's children's homes are staggering as they try to care for millions of orphans. The average orphanage has 100 to 150 children. They often have inadequate facilities and minimal staff to meet the huge need. For example a staff-to-child ratio of up to 1:40 in some homes. Many of them are healthy young girls. But there are still many who are disabled in one way or another. The conditions in which the children live are often dismal. Meals usually consist simply of rice with some vegetables. State funding for these institutions is not enough to cover expenses.

There are insufficient funds to provide basic needs. This also means that some abandoned children are refused access to the homes and do not survive.
Facilities for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults are in short supply. Homes are often quite crowded.

The children lack stimulation and it is not unusual for a child to be left alone in its cot for many hours a day. Therefore, many of them become emotionally scarred for life and the normal pattern of child development is delayed. One of the saddest aspects is the poor attitude and training of the staff. The large majority are uneducated, and fewer still have had any basic nursing training. Many resent being assigned by the state to work with such outcasts. Others are overwhelmed by the needs and psychologically withdraw themselves from the grim reality.

The problems in these children’s homes are indeed overwhelming and the Chinese government struggles to deal with them. ChinaHeart provides care for those in need. This is through groups of people who will give of their time and resources to share their love with those in need.